Get Money Back On Your Uniform Costs

Did you know that you can claim money back on the overall cost of your uniform including maintenance? If you did good on you, but have you claimed the money back yet? If you haven’t heard about this before then it might come to a shock to you because I bet you thought that money was long gone and it would never be returned am I right? With uniform tax rebate you can!

What I will be covering in this post is a guide on how you can claim tax relief on your uniform expenditure for work. 

How does this process work?
For this process to work you will need to have a job that involves you to purchase and maintain your own work uniform. The uniform has to be related for the job role and not your normal clothes! How uniform tax rebate works is by calculating your annual pay and allowing you to claim back 20% of through tax relief and this allowance is sent by cheque through the post.

How can you claim?
It is very simple, you need to be working for a company for at least a year and you are required to have a uniform for this allowance to work. You have to remember that you can’t claim any money on your own clothes that you chose to wear to work. All you have to do is go online type in uniform tax rebate in a search engine and click the website most relevant. Then simply fill out a little bit of information and then you will receive a cheque through the post with the amount of money you were allowed to claim! Simple.


LED High Bay FAQ


What I will be writing about today is some of the most frequently asked questions that people have about LED high bay lighting. These are the questions that I often get asked, I work for an eco friendly lighting company and these are my most frequently asked questions. The whole purpose of this blog is to help answer some of these questions because I know there must be a few of you out there looking for the answer to these questions. Luckily for you this post is here to help. So lets move on to the questions.

What is LED high bay lighting?

Where can LED high bay lighting be used?

Why should I chose LED high bay lighting?

led high bay

To keep things simple, LED high bay lighting is basically just a typical industry standard lighting with a twist. you see standard high bay lighting are often halogen lighting or they are very dim and give off a dull and dim colour but LED lights give off a much pure and much stronger colour of white. LED high bay lighting is often used in industrial buildings and offices etc.

LED high bays can be used wherever there is a need of lighting a large area. They are often used in warehouses, car garages, personal garages, offices and so on.

The reason you should chose LED high bay lighting is because they are very powerful and much more energy efficient than standard high bay lighting. LED lights are energy efficient too and do not take up as much power therefor save you money too. LED lights are ideal for lighting a large space efficiently. This is why LED high bays are the chosen ones.

Thought About Converting Your Loft?

Have you ever wondered about getting your loft converted?

Are you unsure wether or not you should?

Are you interested in finding out what is good and bad about having a loft conversion?


If these 3 questions apply to you then this post is ideal for you. If they don’t I will still include information that may help you learn more about loft conversions and maybe make you even consider it.

First of all, a loft conversion is simply altering your loft space by building a suitable structure to allow you to be able live in your loft. A loft is basically an empty room with in your home that has the foundation of a room but not the rest of the construction. By having a loft conversion done you WILL open up an extra room in your home.


Whats so good about loft conversions then?

Loft conversions will allow you to have an extra room in your home, without too much hassle. They will increase the value of your home. You can create the room into anything you like pretty much. Cheaper than having an extension done and they look great!


Whats bad about loft conversions?

Well, you no longer have an empty loft in your home, it can cause problems if there is an issue with your roof, can be hard to access in some cases apart from that, nothing else really.


loft converison


Hopefully this article has helped you decide wether or not you should have your loft converted and also provided you with information for the future. If you are looking to get your loft converted it is important you choose a professional and do not do it yourself unless you are qualified to.

Be Aware Of Duct Cleaning

I recently have had my ducts cleaned because I realised how important it is to clean your ducts on your property.

Many people fail to see the importance of duct cleaning, some may not even know that it is important or it may have never even crossed your mind. For those who are looking to find out more information about duct cleaning and why it should be a concern to those who have never cleaned them before. Please continue reading this post for interesting facts and information about duct cleaning.


Duct cleaning is essential.

It does not need to be done often but it must be done at least once every 3 – 5 years. The reason why you should clean your ducts is simple. The ducts in your property control the air flow inside your property. The quality of this air is determined by how clean your air ducts are. It is quite obvious that if you have dirty ducts you wont have clean air!


Did you know? The air quality in your property can be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside due to dirty ducts!


Dirty ducts will include dead insects such as spiders, moths, spider webs, clumps of dust, mold, bacteria and worse infections that can be forming deep inside your ducts. You need to remove these if you want to avoid falling ill and want to have clean air circulation in your property. If you want to get your ducts cleaned it is vital you go to a professional to make sure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned and you can breathe good, healthy, clean air.

Got The Urge To Buy a Hot TUb

Have you ever had the urge to buy a hot tub? I guess not… I think it is probably just me, I am all alone here unfortunately. Just incase there is an odd chance that you way have had the urge before or you currently have too then great! I am not alone and you too can probably relate to my situation too.

So I really have the urge to buy a hot tub and I the reason why I want one so much is because I have experienced a hot tub and I just love the sensation of the actual hot tub and I knew from that point that I had to get one! I had a look at hot tub areas on a website I came across. The website that I cam across was called Sutton Spas. I found their website while I was searching online for hot tubs. Their website was at the top of the search results so it was the first one I clicked. I had a look at their range of hot tubs and I was really impressed with how much variety they have on their website. They have all ranges of hot tubs and various style too to suit you. I fell in love with a hot tub I saw on their website and I am very close to purchasing it!

hot tub

The hot tub I saw is a white hot tub with a black wood finish. The style is unbelievable and the features are so cool for the price I will be paying. I think I will pop down maybe tomorrow to have a look or if not the weekend.

Jewellery That Is Unique And Personal

Have you ever had the struggle to look for a jeweller who offers you jewellery that is completely unique and special to you? I have, this is why I am writing this post to help you out. I have full experience of this struggle therefore I can completely understand your worries.

bespoke jewellery

When it comes to buying yourself a new pice of jewellery you know you will be spending a large amount of your hard earned money on it so you do want the jewellery to be unique and you definitely want the jewellery to be personal to you.

I am right aren’t I? See I told you have experienced this situation before. The last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on a piece of jewellery that thousands of other people in my area probably own one very similar too. This is why I am after bespoke jewellery. Preferably hand crafted jewellery because it is miles better and more personal than the everyday jewellery you may find at your local jeweller. The jeweller that I go to visit and the one I would strongly recommend to you is… Wait. If you are looking for fine hand crafted jewellery and jewellery that is customised to suit your preferences then I will tell you.

The jeweller is called Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. You should check their jewellery areas to see if they have a jeweller near you, which they most likely will do. I hope I have helped you out with this post and you too can hopefully purchase a piece of jewellery that is unique and special to you!

Our Trip To Nickelodeon Land

I was out yesterday to Blackpool with the family. The reason why we went out to black pool was because we had already decided with the kids to take them out to Nickelodeon land in Blackpool. My kids are crazy mad over Spongebob. They practically have everything to do with and they spend most of their time watching his TV shows.

Now I know I cant physically let my kids interact with them because he doesn’t exist! I can however take them to the next best thing.



As far as Blackpool goes it was perfect! Weather was amazing the atmosphere was ideal, kids sweets and toys etc was very cheap too so I can’t really complain! We did go to the Nickelodeon land and the kids absolutely loved it. They were so happy while they were there, they also saw the real Spongebob! (not really).

One thing I noticed a lot when I was there was that there were so many little gift stores on the way to various places of Nickelodeon land. This was frustrating because my kids always wanted to run to them all and they wouldn’t leave till they buy something. The worst part was that the gift were so over priced but I couldn’t say no. In the end I made them buy thing like printed pens and Spongebob notebooks, at least these things are practical!

Over all we had a great time and made wonderful memories. I just hope the kids remember it too.

Information About Sewage Treatment

What I will be writing about in todays post is more information about what sewage is and what sewage treatment is and also the importance of the sewage treatment process along with diagrams to provide you with the best information I can.

Ok, so what is sewage? I hear you ask, sewage is basically 99% water and only 1% waste, so essentially it is just waste water rather than what you might think it is.

What is sewage treatment then? I know for some of you this may be obvious, but bare with us, there is people who may be curious. For those who are, sewage treatment is an continuos process that includes the collection and treatment of an areas sewage. This treatment involves breaking down the waste water so that the outcome is fresh, clean water. This process takes place in sewage treatment plants.

sewage treatment plant

Why is sewage treatment so important? This process is very important because it will allow us to have access to fresh clean water whenever we like and it controls sewage so there isn’t just piles of it surrounding us and most importantly it prevents and diseases or infections from forming or spreading.

Looking For Loft Conversions In The Midlands?

If you are looking for loft conversions in the Midlands, I know of an ideal company that can convert your loft. It is a company that i have full experience with and are very good at what they do. They are a company that can make a room out of nothing and that company is called Buckley Loft Conversions Birmingham.

loft converison

I have used these guys to create my modern designed loft I have at the moment. The design is flawless and the room looks amazing, you can not tell that the room is a loft at all, apart from the unique shape, that is. What made me choose this particular company over any other company was the website. I had a look at their website and their website was veyr modern and professional. It was also very user friendly and I found a large amount of pictures of projects they have done in the past. I was amazed by their work so I decided to go with them. Now that my loft os completed I am glad I made the right choice!

A Surprising Replacement in My Office

It was just a normal day at the office I arrived early in the morning as I do and everything was normal except one thing. The one thing that wasn’t normal was the lighting. The LED office lighting kept on cutting out and flickering at first I didn’t make nothing of it and continued my regular work routine.

led high bay


The only problem was that the light continued to flicker so I decided I needed to call a lighting professional to fix the lighting in my office. The guy I called came around very quickly and had a look at the lighting and told me the lighting needs changing. I was very annoyed about the fact that it needs changing but I knew it had to be done otherwise I would be without a light in my office. I was so lucky that the guy had a replacement on him so that perfect for me. He didn’t charge me much and he was also a very nice guy. I now have a new LED light in my office at least it works.

I Decided I Want a Hot Tub

I was searching for a hot tub yesterday because I decided that I really wanted to buy a hot tub for a long time. The reason why I wanted to buy a hot tub is because they are simply the best and most luxurious way to relax. I find it very hard to relax. I am the type of person who really struggle to relax and even when I try I always get distracted  by something.

Luxury Hot Tub

I did some research on how I should relax and I found a lot of information leading to hot tubs. I thought that would be amazing if I actually purchased a hot tub however I was very reluctant to spend that sort of money on a hot tub so I decided to try one out at a spa. My first impressions was that I absolutely loved it! This is what made me want to buy one now. I have been looking for hot tubs in my area to try and find a decent and affordable hot tub local to me.

Looking To Install Underfloor Heating Very Soon

I was looking to install underfloor heating a few months back but I have now decided that I actually want to install underfloor heating in my home. The reason why I decided I want to install it now and not before is because I did a fair amount of research on this heating system before I installed it.

I was interested in installing it before but I was unsure wether or not I should install it or not. What convinced me to actually want to buy and install this heating system is all the benefits. There are many solid benefits about underfloor heating, some of these can include:

  • Equally warm rooms
  • Lovely heated floors to walk on
  • Out of the way and out of sight
  • Very low running costs
  • Maintenance isn’t required
  • Opens up more space in your rooms by the removal of the radiators
  • Very long lasting

underfloor heat

These are some of the benefits that have now convinced me to install this new heating system, I am currently searching an underfloor heating company to purchase and install my heating system.

Help The Environment And Save Money!

I have found out a great new way to save money and help the environment when it comes to using water and storing water. If you are wondering what this new way is then this post is perfect for you as I will be explaining pretty much all you need to know about this new process in which you can save money and help the environment.


The best and new way that I have found out is by rainwater harvesting. If you are uncertain about what rainwater harvesting is and how it works it is pretty simple. Rainwater harvesting works by collecting run off rainwater and making use of it for our needs. You may be thinking at this moment in time like, isn’t that water dirty? It is in fact clean, rainwater is naturally purified through a process called evaporation, however the water does need to be filtered just incase of contaminants. The rainwater harvesting system involves the collection of run off rainwater from your roof which will then lead into a pipe such as a twin wall, which will then be filtered and stored for use. This will not only save you money because the rainwater is free, it helps the environment by keeping it natural. Installing a rainwater harvesting system will cost a fair amount of money but you will continue to save money in the long run.

Bathroom Item Shopping

I was out with one of my best mates the other day. We was out looking for a new heated towel rack for her bathroom. We went to out local DIY stores to try and find a modern style towel rack and we came across one which was ideal. It has a boxed type of feel to it and very modern looking. I told my friend to purchase it straight away because I knew it would go perfectly with her bathroom design. Although we decided we were going to buy this particular towel rack we carried on looking at other bathroom items.

Luxury Hot Tub


I was more interested in looking at other things than my friend was because I wanted to buy something new too. This is when I came across something that completely surprised me. What I came across is a hot tub! I couldn’t believe it, I have always wanted to buy a hot tub. Unfortunately hot tubs are too expensive for me so I just had to let it pass me by.

Changing My Porch

I was having work done on my porch because I have been in this house now for 4 years and I do not like the porch at all and it is something that is a part of my home that I want to change. I want my porch to have a traditional feel to it but not too modern otherwise I don’t think it will match up with the house. I have found a company who will provide me with the service I am after and I have seen their previous work before so I am very happy.

led light

I wanted my porch to have the traditional look but with a modern touch for example, I want the ceiling of the porch to have LED lights because I think they look amazing and they take up less power as well as room too. The best thing about LED lights is that they are very long lasting, they look very nice, they do not over heat. I work will begin this weekend and I am very excited!

Monitor Water Usage

I was looking for way to be able to monitor my water usage more efficiently because I want to be abel to cut down on my water usage because it is costing me a lot of money. I knew one of the things that use up a lot of my water is when I am gardening and watering the garden. I know I use up a lot of water whilst doing these tasks but I am unsure on hoe much I am using. When I try to reduce my usage it is impossible to actually keep on track on how much water I have used.


I did a fair bit of research and I came across many people who have a similar problem to me when it comes to monitoring water usage this is when I came across the best solution for me. The best solution was to purchase and install a water tank. Water tanks are ideal to store a lot of water and they are also perfect for monitoring exactly how much water you have used.

More About Sewage Treatment

Do you know what sewage treatment is? Do you want to know more about what sewage treatment is and how it effects us? If this is the case, then you are looking in the right place. What I will be covering in this post is brief breakdown of what sewage treatment is, and how it effects us and the environment.

First of all, sewage is basically is waste water. Sewage treatment is a continuos process that purifies sewage into fresh, clean water. Sewage treatment often takes place in huge industrial plants which control the whole areas sewage directly. Sewage treatment is very important because we need to control our sewage in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and whats even better is that the sewage treatment process allows us to have fresh water to drink and use. The whole world and it;s inhabitants needs water to survive and thrive.


Alternative ways to treat raw sewage is by septic tanks and on site sewage treatment plants. These plants simply breakdown the sewage so it is safe and legal to release into the environment.

Maintaining My Land

I have large piece of land that I like to maintain. The reason why I like to maintain this piece of land is because it is very special to me. This land is not like any other piece of land, this is because this land was owned by my farther and he had passed it down to me to take care of when he sadly passed away. I now cherish this land and take care of it no matter what the cost may be. He use to use this land to raise animals but recently I noticed on my land some waterlogging.underground drainage

This is really bad because it will start to destroy the land and I cannot let this happen. I only realised this waterlogging when he started to have a lot of rainfall. I called a specialist over to have a look at my land and work out why it was waterlogging and what I could do to prevent it. The specialist said that I would need some sort of underground drainage installed to drain the excess water from the soil so it can be absorbed this will then prevent the waterlogging.

Time To Upgrade My Heating

A few weeks ago I was wondering weather or not i should think about changing my heating system to a newer and much better one because the one I have now is very insufficient. The problems that I have with the heating system that I have at them moment are; The heating doesn’t give out as much heat as I have set it to give out, the radiators take a long time to heat up and this really starts to annoy me because they shouldn’t take so long its not normal for them to be like this. The many other issues too but I could possibly go on for ever on why I wanted to change my old central heating system, not to mention how much this insufficient heating is costing me.

underfloor heat

I was looking to install central heating again but a more modern style so I browsed through a few heating catalogues and I noticed that they had underfloor heating as an option. Underfloor heating never crossed my mind before and now I spend a lot of my time researching on underfloor heating because I am very interested in installing it in my home.

Why You Should Clean Your Kitchen Ducts

Kitchen duct cleaning is important in any kitchen. The reason why it is so important is because the kitchen is the place where our food is prepared and it should be clean and safe for us to maintain healthy. If our kitchen isn’t clean it is obvious that there will be bacteria and contaminants that can easily transfer onto our food and cause us to fall seriously ill. food hygiene is crucial die to the fact that food enters our body orally and directly, if the food is contaminated then so will the bacteria. This will cause a whole load of more problems.


When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you may tend you may tend to clean everything you can see but it also is very important to clean the things you cant see too. How can I clean what I can’t see? Here’s the catch, bacteria and infections are what you can’t see. One of the most common and overlooked place in your kitchen where bacteria can hide and easily spread is through your air ducts. Kitchen duct cleaning is a must to avoid the bacteria to for and spread into the air and infect our food and health.

After a Great Night Out?

If you are after a good night out what better way to spend your time than in a luxury limo? Limousines are ideal for making the most of your night out and feel like a celebrity for the day. I mean who doesn’t want to spoil themselves for a day?

Limousines are the best way to travel to a destination of your choice while having a great time with your friends in the luxury of a limousine. Limousines come with drinks and entertainment on board so you will never get bored! Every luxury limo should come with a built in TV, CD player, soft drinks, Ice buckets and service you will completely happy with.


I remember when I ordered a limo for my stag night a few years back. I used a limo hire in London, the service was great I was really pleased with the limo and the chauffeur. The stag night was perfect night out with the lads. We had such a good time and rolling around the city in a limo made it even better!

His Opinon On Loft Conversions

I was speaking to my neighbour yesterday about loft conversions because I know that he had a loft conversion done a few months ago. The reason why I was interested to speak to him about it was because I have really liked loft conversions and I thought it would be a pretty good idea to have one done on my property. Due to the fact that I know very little about them and I haven’t go any personal experience with having a loft conversions done I was quite keen on finding out more information from my neighbour.

loft converison

My neighbour told me that he loves his loft converted room and he doesn’t regret getting it done. he told me he find the room very comfortable to sit in and he prefers to use it most of the time. He also said the loft conversion wasn’t that hard to complete and didn’t take to long either. He told me that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to building your loft into a room. He told me if I am interested he can speak to the guys who done his loft conversion for him.

Hot Tubs Can Be Found In The UK

Trying to find hot tubs in the United Kingdom can be a hard task. The reason why this can be a hard task is because hot tubs are genuinely more of an American thing and a miles more popular in America. Most hot tubs that are found in the UK and imported from different countries and only specialist shops will sell a hot tub. This is what makes them even more expensive than what they already are. If you are looking to buy a hot tub in the UK the best way to go by finding one is by searching for ho tub sellers online. You can use search engines to help guide you to the right dealer for example, you can search ‘hot tubs UK‘ to locate hot tubs on sale in the UK.

Luxury Hot Tub

There are a limited amount of hot tubs in the UK so if you are looking to buy a hot tub there is one website that I know of that may help you and that is

Progress On Our Loft

We are currently having work done in our loft. You are probably wondering what the work is that is getting done in the loft. Well, what we are having done is a loft conversion. We have been thinking about having a loft conversions done for a long time but we had to have a good think about it first, save up money and find the perfect company for the job. We decided we wanted a loft conversions done because we think loft conversions are ideal for making another liveable room in your home. After all a loft is just an empty room in your home that is usually going to waste.

We wanted to make the loft into another bedroom because we thought it would be ideal for our grandchildren to sleep in when they want to stop over. It is also something we have wanted to do for a while. We went with Buckley Loft Conversions. So far the progress is great and I am really happy with how things are looking. We are very excited to see the end result.

30 Years Of Success

I went over to see my granddad who owns a successful jewellers in Birmingham. He has been running his jewellery shop for over 30 years! I am very proud of his success and I often head over to his jewellers to give him a helping hand whenever he needs the extra help. What I usually do while I am there is organise the jewellery and make sure every display piece of jewellery and polished if needed.

engagement ring


His jewellers isn’t a very large shop but it is very successful. While I am working here I do tend to see a lot of happy customers and a majority of them do leave his place with the jewellery they are after. What I have noticed over the time I have spent there and asking my granddad what the popular jeweller is that people are after, I found out that engagement rings Birmingham are very popular. This is great news as engagement rings are very expensive and will make my granddad a lot of money hopefully!

Treating My Back

I was recently sent to chiropractors in Birmingham due to a back related injury whilst working. Right now you may be wondering what caused my back related injury and you may also be wondering how it happened and why I went to visit a chiropractor. If you are, then please continue reading as it is what I am about to cover throughout this post.


How I injured my lower back was while I was lifting heavy equipment. I was moving heavy item out of my garage to give it a good cleaning but i wasn’t lifting them correctly. I went to visit my local general practitioner about my back pain because it got really bad and he advised me to go and see a chiropractor to aid the healing and pain of my back. The chiropractic treatment is working and my back is in slightly less pain and feels more flexible. I am still under treatment but I am happy that it is working and it wasn’t anything too serious.

Relaxation That Actually Works

If you are looking for new and improved ways to relax that actually work then you are looking in the right place. WhatI am going to be covering today is one of the only ways I like to relax. I have tried and tested many techniques when it comes to relaxation but nothing has ever come close to the type of relaxation I get from this one piece of luxury. Right now my guess is that you would really like to know what this luxury way of relaxing is and everything else along with it. Don’t panic, I am about to tell you.

Luxury Hot Tub

The way I love to relax, after trying and testing many different ways, is by a hot tub. Hot tubs are the ultimate way to relax for me. What makes the hot tub so good is because it provides your body with a deep muscle, body and mind relaxation. Hot tubs can be very expensive. This is  the reason why you should search for cheap hot tubs and you too can hopefully achieve the same amount of relaxation as I do.

Oh No My Pipe Has Burst!

I was in desperate need of a plumber when I woke up to a burst pipe in my home. If waking up to a burst pipe wasn’t bad enough, what made it worse was that it was destroying my home! I was devastated when I woke up to see the pipe burst and I was also very shocked and I had no idea on how to stop it. What I feared the most was my children’s safety and also my home. I knew I had to sort out this problem before I go to work.


I had a look at some emergency plumbers online who where near me and I called one out in distress. He was a very calm and friendly guy. He reassured me that the problem would be fixed within no time and that he will be coming to my house within 15 minutes. He was right as well he came round very fast and he worked efficiently and had the problem sorted in just under 30 minutes! I was so relieved that everything was back to normal. The only thing now was repairing the damages to my home.

Finding Bespoke Jewellers

If you are like me and you prefer to were jewellery that is not dull and more unique than the common jewellery you can find at most jewellers, then I guess you too have probably had a hard time trying to locate a jeweller that offers bespoke jewellery near you. If this is the case with you then you are looking in the right place. What I will be covering today is a jeweller that offers me bespoke hand crafted jewellery. The reason why I want to share it with you is because I understand how hard it can be finding a jeweller of this type.

jewellery west midlands

First of all, I tried visiting many local jewellers and asking around wether anybody knew any bespoke jewellers in my area. Of course the response was a no. This is when I thought I will try and locate one by searching online for them. It didn’t take me long at all to find the perfect jeweller for my needs. The jeweller is called Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. All their jewellery is hand crafted and made in house so theres no middle man.

I want a paper shredder

I was after a paper shredder when I realised how good they were. I had went to my friends house and he has a paper shredder in his home and he uses it for shredding important documents and normal paper work that he needs disposing of which is then thrown into the recycling. I asked him why does he even bother with buying a paper shredder and what was the actual point of it. My friends told me that the shredder completely destroys important documentation so that they aren’t readable again. This makes the documents safe to dispose of and it also makes the paperwork take up less space in the paper bin.


He also told me that the paper shredder is very fun to use and he loves to shred any sort of paper he has just because he has fun doing it. After looking at his paper shredder I decided that IW ant the shredder even more now and I am looking online for paper shredders at the moment.

Have You Cleaned Your Ductwork?

Thousands of people across the nation are getting their ducts cleaned after hearing the negative effects of having dirty ductwork. If you are unsure as to why or you are simply curious of the negative  effects of having dirty ductwork then you are looking in the right place. What I will be writing about today is how having dirty ductwork on your property can effect your health and spread awareness of the importance of duct cleaning.

So why is ductwork cleaning so important?

The answer is simple, our ductwork is what provides us with what we believe to be fresh clean air, this isn’t the case if you have dirty ducts. If your ducts have never been cleaned, all the debris that sits inside your ducts will spread through the air we breathe and this can be a health risk.

What makes your ducts dirty?

There are many things that can potentially make your ducts dirty but below are few of the more common and most important ones.

  • Clumps of dust
  • Dead insects
  • Insect dropping
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Spider Webs


How should I clean my ducts?

It is very important you get a fully qualified professional to clean your ducts. It is especially important if you are looking to get your kitchen ducts clean. You must call a professional kitchen duct cleaning company due to the very hard to remove grease and debris.

Slow Mobility Scooter

I have a mobility scooter, it has been working fine for a very long time and it has only started to play up after 8 months time. I noticed a probelm with it a few days ago. The problem was that it was so slow it was barley moving (I know they are usually slow but this was hardly moving). I was very annoyed by this because this mobility scooter doesn’t belong to me, it is my grandfathers scooter.I was further annoyed because If it was broke that would mean I will have to buy a new one as much as I would hate to buy another one even though I know I will have to. I was slightly worried about how long it will take to repair or even replace because my grandfather needs his mobility scooter

mobility scooter repairs

I searched online for a mobility scooter repairs guy. He was quick and efficient, he told me the battery was low and the wire connected to the battery was damaged. He replaced the battery and sorted the wire thankfully! At least I don’t have to buy another scooter.

Professional Prints Really Matter

Having high quality professional print matters, you may be wondering why it matters and the answer to that is simple. As humans we like to judge something within the first few seconds wether we like it or not, these judgments can vary between positive and negative, they are completely instinctive. This is the reason why when you are choosing a print for a poster or a flyer whatever it may be, you would want the colours to be vibrant and sharp so it attracts a lot of attention rather than, dull and not interesting. The only way a print can look boring and dull is through bad colour schemes but mainly due to the print quality. This natural response is caused my our fight or flight response, this is what guides us to make the right choices for us to survive.


If you are looking to showcase yourself or your company having high quality professional prints really matters, a poor quality print will and can reflect a negative image on the person or company itself.

If you are in need of printing  go to the number one printers in Birmingham.

Old Heating Systems Aren’t The Best

We have been heating up our homes for many hundreds of years and for many more years we have all been running on the traditional central heating system which is ideal but it is far from the best and most efficient way, as it is very old. I came across a new way in which you can heat up your home and this way also saves you money in the long run whilst providing you with great comfort levels. What is this new way to heat up your home? You may be wondering. This new and revolutionary way to heat up your home is called underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is a new heating system which is placed beneath your flooring as a result of this it will provide you with warm flooring as well as warm rooms too. They way underfloor heating works is by placing heated rods evenly beneath your flooring and are usually powered by electricity.

With underfloor heating you will have:

  • Warm floors
  • very low running costs
  • equal heat distribution
  • a heating system that is safe and out of the way and sight

Underfloor Heating

I Want To Travel Easier

I was looking for driving instructors Birmingham because I really want to start learning how to drive again. I am so sick of relying on people to drop me off at places and the worst of all is the public transport. Public transport is a nightmare. I hate not being in control of things, I like to be in control of something because then I can keep track of the time it will take me etc.

passed driving

I want to be able to drive so I can go where I want without having to worry about how much it is going to cost me because every other form of travel is a lot more expensive especially taxi’s. Now that I have decided that I really want to learn how to drive and hopefully pass very soon. I am not quite sure on who to use as a driving instructor because I don’t just want to use any instructor. I want to use a instructor that is very good at what he does and has good reviews. I am thinking about asking my friends and find out who to use.

Can You Speak The Lingo

Being able to speak a second or even third language is a fantastic skill to have in life. I would say there’s a strong majority of people who don’t speak a fluent second tongue and have been put off because they think once you get past a certain age in life, it becomes hard to develop a knowledge for multiple languages.

But this isn’t the case! Anyone can undergo language lessons at any age so don’t put yourself off learning a new one because it can come massively in handy when meeting new people in different countries or cultures, alongside the business advantages of being able to speak a second language.

language lessons


Learning a new language can be fun so take a look at a fantastic provider of language lessons such as The Language Machine, they are fantastic at what they do offering services all around the UK in a range of languages including French, Spanish, German and many more!

Dealing With Rats

Protecting your home is important, and making sure you keep it free of rodents, insects and other pests is important in maintaing a healthy home and lifestyle. It can also be damaging and costly if you do not swiftly and effectively remove these from your house. There are plenty of different types of pest that can effect you such as rats, mice, moles and many more – so protecting from them all is important.

A friend of mine recently had a problem with rats, so thought it would be best to get in touch with a professional pest control company to aid him in the removal of these from his home. Rats can be a huge nuisance not only in the mess they leave, but also cause some quite serious damage to some parts of your home.

pest control walsall


Removal of rats can be troublesome and it’s strongly advised by professionals such as E-Pest control that you don’t try to remove it yourself and get a professional in to do the job for you. We got in touch with a local provider of pest control Tamworth and got them in to help with the problem.

Would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for rodent or pest removal in the Midlands, covering most area’s and certainly all problems. Check them out over at their fantastic new website:

Another Super Jeweller

After a recent photography trip to the jewellery quarter (see our last blog), we decided to explore further into the jewellers in the surrounding areas of the West Midlands such as Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and more! The quarter is a fantastic location in the centre of Birmingham providing an elegant range of all types of jewellery.

Being the largest collection of jewellery shops in Europe you can imagine how much this beautiful place has to offer. With a huge selection of jewellers in the Midlands the quarter is not the only location to stop off for fine jewellery. In this weeks trip we visited a branch of one of the leading fine jewellers in the UK, Hamlington’s.

jewellery west midlands


We viewed a stunning range of collections that they have on offer, which really portray the uniqueness of this iconic brand. If you get chance to visit one of their stores located around the Midlands in Solihull and various others then you will not be disappointed with what’s on offer.

A Great Location For a Photograph

We were out looking for locations in the West Midlands last week and came across a stunning gem located right in the heart of the city. We were out in the Birmingham jewellery quarter, which is the epicentre of jewellery trade in the West Midlands. With over two hundred and fifty years history on display throughout the quarter, through an array of shops, bars and restaurants and even a museum – you immediately grasp the beauty of this place just having a walk around.

jewellery quarter birmingham


There were plenty of locations for a fantastic photograph within the quarter, and as you can see in the photograph above the Chamerlain clock lies in the middle of the quarter and is an iconic piece for a great photo.

There’s a wide selection of jewellery on offer within the quarter ranging from some beautiful gold jewellery pieces such as bracelets, chains and earrings – alongside a fantastic selection of wedding and engagement jewellery including some of the finest diamond engagement rings I have ever laid eyes upon.

The nightlife here is fantastic too with the selection of fantastic restaurants serving up some of the best food I have had while out dining, with plenty of modern bars to visit for a pleasant drink too.

The Portrait Special

A big welcome to the realism photography blog! Here we will be discussing everything to do with all area’s of photography, providing you with some of the leading information and tips for aspiring photographers and much more, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog.

Today we will start off with a little bit about portrait photography, which is a shot of a person or group of people displaying their personality and expression. The main focus of the photo will be around the subjects facial area but sometimes a background or body features are also included.

portrait photographer london


With us in the realism blog we have the expert views of a London portrait photographer who specialises in this specific area, but also a range of photography so his views will provide you with some of the best advice and tips to get the best out of your camera. Running a London and Bristol based studio, he has amassed years of experience in the photography world and has some brilliant expert knowledge.

Stay tuned to the blog for further updates on photography and the variance within it. We are going to be providing you with some of the best advice to make you into professional in no time.